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MOVE is an international, prominent quintet for contemporary improvised music, founded in Berlin in 2013: The quintet plays with extremely broad sound palettes and astonishingly large, always surprisingly dynamic spectrums.

  • Achim Kaufmann - piano
  • Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums
  • John Edwards - bass
  • Harri Sjöström - soprano + sopranino sax
  • Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone

Explosive avant-garde flights, radical real-time compositions, free-jazz hints and subtle, delicately dreamy soundscapes interweave to create atmospherically charged sound experiences. Listeners describe the music of the MOVE - quintet as "unexpected, spontaneous, fresh, surprising, seductive. "Cooking at it's best!"

Advance booking via Eventbrite (10 €, reduced 7 € +VVK), box office 15 €, reduced 10 €

Supported with funds from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, project funding "Jazz".
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