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The baritone Johannes Schendel has been appearing on the stages of the classical world for over 25 years, but things started out very differently: he was originally focused far more on jazz, and even after switching to the classical tradition, he never lost his love for the jazz repertoire. And so he presents a highly personal retrospective of his life as an artist, going back to his roots before, with some refinements, they were moved in a classical direction. In this Forum Concert, he will be joined by the Gerd Grauer Trio for this ‘soul journey’, as he calls it.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Jazz am Ring
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Händel, Bacharach, Adams and others 

  • Johannes Schendel Baritone
  • Gerd Grauer Trio

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T +49.(0)30.20 29 87 25


The main entrance is accessible via stairs. An elevator is available for the upper stories.
Full accessibility is possible after prior-notice.Parking spaces available.
Participating artists
Johannes Schendel
Gerd Grauer Trio
Funkhaus Deutschlandradio Kultur