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Philipp Rumsch Ensemble

  • Lisa Zwinzscher – vocal
  • Vincent Hahn – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Asger Nissen – alto sax
  • Johannes Moritz – clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Georg Demel – trombone
  • Franziska Ludwig – cello
  • Volker Heuken – vibraphone
  • Markus Rom – guitar
  • Christian Dähne – bass guitar
  • Robert Lucaciu – bass
  • Maximilian Stadtfeld – drums
  • Philipp Rumsch – synthesizer, electronics, direction
  • Nico Teichmann – audio engineering

Leipzig's Philipp Rumsch Ensemble is an agile large group that brings to life the sonically structured ideas of its namesake composer and keyboardist Philipp Rumsch. Featuring an exciting cross-section of emerging musicians from Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Weimar, the twelve-piece group has an uncanny ability to integrate electronic music into finely composed movements that can be both acerbic and ornate. Her 2020 album "µ: of fear x discernment" is a compelling statement, containing music that ranges from looping minimalism to chamber jazz pieces with gently unfolding melodies to electro-pop and even some avant-garde classical. Lyrics, sung and spoken, brought in by singers with electronic effects and samples, touch on themes of worry, fear and uncertainty. A follow-up EP from 2022, "µ: of transfiguration x response", often strikes a minimalist, highly electronic note and consists of newly interpreted works by current Berlin and Leipzig composers from the electroacoustic music world. The group will present a new music programme for Jazz am Kaisersteg.

GULFH of Berlin

  • Antje Messerschmidt – violin, viola
  • Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone, sousaphon
  • Gebhard Ullmann – tenor sax, bass clarinet
  • Johannes Fink – cello, cello bass
  • Jan Leipnitz – drums
  • Michael Haves – analog live electronics

The group was founded in the early 2010s as a quartet by woodwind player Gebhard Ullmann together with Berliners Johannes Fink, Jan Leipnitz and Gerhard Gschlößl. Each musician brought their own unique improvisational approach as well as the first letter of their surname to the band's name, hence GULF of Berlin. However, the group continues to grow. In 2021, the H was added when Michael Haves joined, giving the music a new electronic random element. Then, at a release concert for the band's 2021 ESP disc album, violinist Antje Messerschmidt joined the group on stage, reinforcing the acoustic side of the current sextet. Will they be GLUMFH of Berlin? Well, even though the name needs some work, one hopes so, because the combination of acoustic instruments and electronic processing, further expanded by the use of one-off effects (for example, the cello at times becomes a completely new instrument), pushes this group in exciting new directions. You never know where it's going, a groove to nod along to can turn into a mess of electronic feedback, and while the limits of melodic interplay are tested, there's never a dull moment.