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Kellen Mills TRYON

  • Erik Leuthäuser – voice
  • Jonathon Lindhorst – tenor sax
  • Peter Van Huffel – baritone sax
  • Jonathon Haffner – alto sax
  • Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
  • Rieko Okuda – piano
  • Kellen Mills – bass
  • Martial Frenzel – drums

Formerly living in Seattle, Kellen Mills was the songwriter and bassist of the genre-bending progressive rock band "Alex's Hand". Now, based in Berlin, he recently released "Läutering", the work of a large ensemble called TRYON, which builds on his earlier musical projects. Featuring 16 musicians, including three female singers, the recording can be described as progressive, avant-garde, rock and even a bit pop. Inspired on the one hand by the iconoclastic work of Frank Zappa, which can be heard in the Akimbo melodies, socially conscious lyrics and rich variety of musical styles, Mills also incorporates influences from modern composers such as Stravinsky, Ligeti, Bartok and Schoenberg. For the open-air stage, Mills has cut the band in half to a core of mostly Berlin-based musicians with one vocalist, but with such a dynamic group of musicians, this certainly hasn't narrowed his rich musical vision. Bring open ears to Kaisersteg and leave your expectations at home.

Duo Wogram | Sachse

  • Nils Wogram – trombone
  • Joe Sachse – guitar
Although Nils Wogram and Joe Sachse were born about a quarter of a century apart and in different countries, their musical connection effortlessly bridges all gaps. Their musical styles are very different and yet they are eminently compatible: Wogram is worldly and polished, while Sachse brings a raw rough-edgedness. Both are charismatic players and together they are almost magnetically attractive. Their latest recording, "Free Scree", is a follow-up to their 2013 live album "Free and Tremendous", a studio album with a rich variety of musical styles (flamenco rhythms, free playing, jazz, blues and more), carefully constructed duets and idiosyncratic rhythmic techniques from Sachse that also let him act as a rhythm section.