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The French singer-songwriter Amalia Chikh sings her songs at the piano in German: "I want my lyrics to be understood," she says. Her passion is the contradictions of consumer society between freedom and submission on the Internet, desire and prohibition under the veil of religion, fear and hatred of right-wing extremists, the self-portrayal of bourgeois mothers in Berlin between free spirit and conservatism.

Amalia Chikh's music is like herself, a product of diversity. She grew up in Paris with French and North African roots and lives with her family in Berlin. This flows directly into her songs: the rhythms and melodies are reminiscent of the tradition of French chansons, her piano compositions contain jazz elements and oriental harmonies. A touch of Berlin snout speaks from their texts.

On 06/23 her second studio album "Auf dem Weg" will be released, which she is already presenting live.

Jana Berwig - "Life and love in turbulent times"

Melancholy attracts us magically because it combines the sad with the beautiful that feels good. She penetrates into the deepest depths like the music of Jana Berwig, the master of the painfully beautiful. Their songs move you to tears, but at the same time they evoke a resistant energy and develop a strengthening power. Her singing hovers over light, airy arrangements like the magic of a longing reverie that can hardly decide, doesn't want to decide between departure and decline. Music for big city nights on the balcony and days dozing off in the meadows. A bewitchingly beautiful game with rose thorns.

The Berlin singer-songwriter with roots in Lower Silesian Upper Lusatia presents a selection of songs from her last two albums "Knallwach" and "Wellblechreiten" as well as brand new pieces.