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Jan van Weyde is a stand-up comedian and voice actor from Cologne. He lives from spoken word, so to speak. Actually, his career began as an actor. Actually. This word accompanies a lot of actors, but they are actually waiters, cab drivers or facility managers - that's "actually" janitors, but sounds better. 

Tempodrom von außen bei Tag
Tempodrom von außen bei Tag © visitberlin, Foto Wolfgang Scholvien

But actually Jan wanted something completely different, namely to compete in the supreme discipline.  He wanted to perform on the stand-up stages of the world.   Then in 2014 the initial spark - with the birth of his little daughter he thought to himself quite immodestly: "Wait a minute, I am God! I have made a human being! Then I can also go on a stage and make people laugh!"  And that's what Jan van Weyde can do - One man, one mic.  He inspires the audience with his authentic-unexcited manner and a great slapstick talent! 

His solo program "Große Klappe - die Erste" (Big Mouth - the First) covers all the madness that a family man has to deal with who tries to support his family with a job "in the media". Whether as an advertising face, on stage or in the recording studio - or in the role of a lifetime: as a dad.   Between art and commerce, cameras and slapstick, cribs and poop disasters - his big mouth is his greatest weapon. If only he hadn't passed it on... 

In the meantime, Jan has become an indispensable part of the young comedy scene, regularly appearing in the Quatsch Comedy Club or on NightWash, and has already won several awards in the last three years. Among other things, he made first place at Frischfleisch Comedy, won the Trier and Hamburg Comedy Slam, and most recently the Stuttgart Comedy Clash. Since 2018, he has hosted his own comedy show "Kneipengelächter mit Jan van Weyde" and regularly emigrates the forbidden city of Düsseldorf for it. 

With his solo, he is now going on a big tour in German-speaking countries. Sound off, camera running, big mouth - the first... and Aetches!

(Program in German)

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