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On Instagram and TikTok, Jan Preuss regularly causes a lot of laughs and discussions about what educators are allowed to say and what not. In his new comedy program he's going one step further!

Children's mouths tell the truth!

No one knows this better than educators - independent of parents, of course - because pedagogical specialists get the latest stories and secrets from home peppered around their ears every day from cheeky mouths. It can sometimes be difficult not to laugh when you suddenly know more about your parents than you should.

Jan Preuss asks himself and his audience the most important questions about current education: Were children's songs really written for children? Are there any meaningful TV series for children? And are we really just breeding little egomaniacs?

Ruthlessly honest, hilarious or as the youth say today: pedagogically bottomless!

Card phone: 030 - 333 40 22

(Program in German)