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Book premiere

Ben Neven is a respected crime investigator, a happy family man - and yet trapped in an almost unimaginable double life. A secret nobody knows: He regularly meets Adrian in a secluded parking lot. Adrian is an underage boy who is forced into prostitution by his father. Both Ben and Adrian face drastic decisions to get out of their unbearable circumstances. But their steps are risky and have high consequences. Will they be able to find a way out? And if so, at what price?

Jan Costin Wagner presents his novel together with Thomas Böhm (radioeins) on Tuesday, August 29, in the park of Schönhausen Palace in Pankow. Böhm, one of the first readers of the book, shared his thoughts after reading it: "At first I thought: Does he really mean that? Very courageous. An exceptionally good book by Jan Costin Wagner." Wagner himself considers "One of the Good" to be his major work and describes its main character as follows: "I was looking for the most controversial literary character I could imagine... and found Ben Neven. When I push the limits, that's where I find strength and come back on firm ground."

"One of the Good" is a challenging yet highly moral work. It's obvious that the author put all his skills into the book, sparing neither himself nor the characters. The work takes the main characters down paths that require both tremendous empathy and ruthless directness - a journey that also demands a lot from the readers. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth reading as it provides a deeper insight and resonates for a long time due to its gripping narrative style and shocking twists and turns that leave you speechless with their coherence.

(Program in German)