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Ehrenfeld Intergalactic Tour 2023

The adventurous mission with spectacular live shows on the "Ehrenfeld Intergalactic Tour 2023" will save the world from doom by bad mood. On January 4, 2023, Jan Böhmermann and the Rundfunk Dance Orchestra, under the direction of synth lord Lorenz Rhode, will ignite the engines of their intergalactic entertainment rocket at the Ehrenfeld Space Base and take off!

Menschen vor der Bühne
Menschen vor der Bühne AHOJ!

There are flying eggs, highly contagious après-ski hits, singing apes, imperial policemen's sons, mysterious special guests, extraterrestrial live performance of the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester and of course anextra portion of heart, fist and wink!

Jan Böhmermann & the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester - "Ehrenfeld Intergalactic Tour 2023" - the second interstellar live show tour of the most steadfast broadcasting rebels this side of the Bajoran wormhole. Or as they say in Klingon:"'Iw-lIj jach-jaj. jI-ghung. leng-lIj yI-tIv.

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