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James Bay has made another giant leap forward with "Leap" and once again proves his abilities as a songwriter. Already the first two records, showered with gold and platinum worldwide, were great works that can record over 7.5 billion streams. Now James Bay is setting new accents and is stronger than ever. And not only through his albums, but also in his live shows, he manages to share with his fans the intense emotions that moved him to his songs. The chance to experience this with him is live in Berlin in November.

James Bay
James Bay © James Bay, Pressshot 2022, JulianBroad

In July 2022 James Bay will release his third and long-awaited album "Leap". It's been a long road for the Brit, who has already picked up two Brit Awards as Critics' Choice and British Male Solo Artist and was nominated for a Grammy for his debut "Chaos And The Calm." "Leap" has become a very personal record.

Already with the first single "Give Me the Reason" the old James Bay feeling is there again: The elaborate songwriting, the sensitive lyrics and especially his powerful voice set the standard. In doing so, the singer/songwriter has struggled, as he announced on his social media. He lacked self-confidence, he writes, he had oppressive fear.

But somehow, he says, it turned into the most hopeful and uplifting music of his career. Light can be found even in the darkest moments, he says: "I thought about all the people in my life who love me and care about me, and for the first time I found a way to write about that feeling. I've always been afraid to go to those vulnerable places; to say with my songs, I love you, I need you, and I thank you." Ultimately, it was this feeling that gave the album its title: "Spring and the net will come up."

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