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Theater as meeting and sharing. As an experiment of coexistence and interaction between people, theatrical methods and means of accessibility. A process of searching for new forms of narratives and dramaturgy. For this, anonymous views and questions were collected through a questionnaire (in three different languages) and identified how these thoughts can become theater with identity, creativity and humor.

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Symbolbild Sesselreihe © AHOJ! Souvenirmanufaktur

  • How do we talk about disability?
  • When do we feel uncomfortable?
  • When do we get angry about it?
  • What do we respond to the pitying looks, to the
  • heroization and exoticism of the disabled?
  • persons?
  • How do we make theater with all these questions?

A performance by, with and for disabled and non-disabled people. After the 2nd performance there will be a discussion with the participants.

The group Punkt* is a mixed group of people (with and without disabilities) from the artistic field. The members Elena, Michail, Petros and Christos and their collaborators Stylianos and Eleni are active in Berlin and Athens.

(Program in German)
TAK - Theater im Aufbau Haus - Berlin-Kreuzberg
TAK - Theater im Aufbau Haus - Berlin-Kreuzberg