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This first drama by the Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov (1860 – 1904) is set in a pleasure-seeking society. Nikolai Alexeevich Ivanov has escaped into their midst to avoid having to face his constant undermining of his own moral aspirations and his inability to take control of his life.

Lithuanian-American director Yana Ross partly grew up in Russia and is a great expert and admirer of Chekhov’s work.

Her working methods include a subtle interweaving of canonic texts with contemporary discourses and the stories of her cast. When Russia launched its aggressive war against Ukraine in February 2022, she undertook a solo demonstration in Zurich for several days in protest against the indecisiveness of Switzerland in matters of foreign and economic policy which, in her eyes, indirectly supported the war. She accepted the at times vehement reactions to her action. And this is how she develops her projects, too: With a special interest in the open wounds of a society and no regard to irritabilities.

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Participating artists
frei nach Anton Tschechow (Autor/in)
Peter Moltzen (Nicolas (Iwanow))
Constanze Becker (Sarah (Sarah/Anna))
Veit Schubert (Matthias (Shabelski))
Maximilian Diehle (Michael (Borkin))
Paul Herwig (Paul (Lebedew))
Claude De Demo (Stina (Lebedewa))
Amelie Willberg (Sascha (Sascha))
Zoë Valks (Marta (Babakina))
Jonathan Kempf (Jürgen (Dr. Lwow))
Paul Zichner (Dirk (Kossych))
Yana Ross
Bettina Meyer
Knut Jensen
Rainer Casper
Karolin Trachte
Samuel Petit