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Lecture evening and panel discussion

On September 8, 1943, the armistice between Italy and the Allies is announced. As a result, the Germans deport hundreds of thousands of Italian soldiers, about 50,000 do not survive captivity. On the 80th anniversary, this event focuses on the events and their consequences.

As Italian military internees, the Nazis refer to Italian soldiers who, after September 8, 1943, refuse to go into the world war on the side of the German Wehrmacht and the fascist Italian Social Republic. They are deported to Germany and have to perform forced labor. For a long time, no one in Germany or Italy remembers this story. Today, mainly their families as well as some museums and initiatives are dedicated to the memory of their fates.

Christine Glauning | Director Documentation Center Nazi Forced Labor.

  • Lectures:
  • Prof. Brunello Mantelli | University of Turin
  • Prof. Nicola Labanca | University of Siena
  • Virgilio Comberlato | Relative of a survivor

Commentary: Daniela Geppert | Documentation Center Nazi Forced Labor

This will be followed by a panel discussion.

Moderation: Dr. Sara Berger | Fritz Bauer Institute Frankfurt am Main

The event will be held in Italian and German (simultaneous translation).
Additional information
Meeting point: Barrack 5