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An invitation to enjoyment, authenticity and responsibility with the EU LOST programme – Free Entry

On 11 February from 13:00, the Aedes Architecture Forum will open its doors for Italian Cheese Day 2024, an event that goes far beyond the traditional enjoyment of cheese. Here, everything revolves around the discovery and appreciation of sustainably produced Italian cheeses, accompanied by exquisite wine and the EU LOST programme.

It's all about discovering and appreciating sustainably produced Italian cheeses, accompanied by exquisite wine and the EU LOST programme.

The highlight of Italian Cheese Day 2024 is the new EU programme LOST (Local Options for Sustainable Food Production), which focuses on the diversity and traditions of small dairy products.

Supported by the European Union, LOST enables a journey through eight unique cheeses from five regions of Italy. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stories and traditions of small producers and learn about the importance of sustainable food production.

You can recognise a good cheese immediately. It is genuine because the milk from which it is made comes from animals that eat naturally and live in a healthy environment. Respect for nature and sustainability are therefore our best ingredients. We have always made cheese according to this philosophy and will continue to uphold this tradition.eight cheeses, five regions and a journey into the territories, traditions and stories of small producers. This is the new EU programme LOST, a project supported by the European Union on the subject of sustainability and the promotion of small dairy products.

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