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„Und doch: Schöner ist es nicht?"

Entitled "Is It No More Beautiful Than That?" / "And yet: Isn't it more beautiful?" the curator and gallery owner Tayla Camp (b. 1991, USA) opens a temporary art platform in Berlin Mitte, one week before the start of Berlin Art Week. The "Camp Space" project is establishing itself as Pop-up gallery that offers a platform in particular to women and artists as well as artists of color.

The title of the opening exhibition "Is it No More Beautiful Than That?" picks up on a question from Thomas Mann from his story "Deception", in which he asks about the big picture. The exhibition follows two aspiring female artists on their complex journey from disappointment and dissatisfaction to emotional fulfillment.

Artists Roxanne Krumm (b. 1988, USA) and Skai (b. 1992, Lithuania) document their determined and often challenging attempt, both within themselves and in the reality around them, with new, stylistically different but thematically related works to seek truth and vitality.


Camp Space is a temporary gallery and mobile cultural hub powered by the vision of its founder, Tayla Camp. The platform aims to recognize emerging artists, particularly women and artists of color, whose work tells stories and inspires meaning-making. Through carefully curated presentations that address social, cultural and political issues, Camp Space provides a stage for diverse representation and encourages critical engagement among visitors.

Taylor Camp

Tayla Camp (born 1991), the driving force behind Camp Space, combines her deep passion for the art world with her expertise in art history and marketing. Inspired by significant works of art she encountered while working in a London museum, Tayla began sharing her unique perspective on these outstanding works on her Instagram account @TaylaCamp (formerly @CandidCurator). 14,700 people are now following her art-historical reflections.

As a Black woman in the art world, Tayla's positioning offers a critical perspective on classic artworks and contemporary masterpieces. She translates this special and questioning approach into Instagram posts with easily understandable, self-reflective and humorous texts that convey art historical knowledge in an understandable way instead of academic "artificial language".
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