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Irmgard Knef, Germany's most mature and longest-serving cabaret chansonniere and "Old School Comedian", is also celebrating her new full-length show program with her 95th birthday. "Barrier-free" is the title and motto of her show and her new life.

Irmgard Knef
Irmgard Knef © Robert Recker


She tells and sings about her everyday life in the retirement home and her visits and relationships with the service and nursing staff. Singing, swinging, dissecting. Barrier-free living does not mean having to surrender any more hurdles to the "Grande Dame des halbseidenen Showbiss". Neither at meals and times of meals, house rules and interpersonal conventions.

Irmgard Knef overcomes obstacles in thinking and acting and does not mince words on stage. Humorous, unconventional and so old-fashioned that it's more than retro - that's hip! Hildegard, who has long since left her sister Irmgard, would be proud of the unflagging spirit of the smaller blood relatives in the spirit.

As a survivor and over-living and intellectually fit contemporary witness of the past century, the funny, sarcastic and cheerful protrudes into the first quarter of the 21st century. An old tree that creaks, but reliably drives wonderful flowers.

  • By and with Ulrich Michael Heissig.
  • (Program in German)

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