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The 2023 annual conference of the CRC 1512 Intervening Arts is dedicated to “Dynamics of the Intransitive”. These can be understood as artistic practice exploring non-directional approaches as opposed to being investigated with political or activist concepts already in mind. This session at Roter Salon focuses on aspects of improvisation.

Interwoven Sound Spaces was an interdisciplinary project which brought together telematic music performance, interactive textiles, interaction design, and artistic research.
A team of researchers collaborated with two professional contemporary music ensembles based in Berlin, Germany, and Piteå, Sweden, and four composers, with the aim of creating a telematic distributed concert taking place simultaneously in two concert halls and online.

Central to the project was the development of interactive textiles capable of sensing the musicians’ movements while playing acoustic instruments, and generating data the composers used in their works.
Musicians, instruments, textiles, sounds, halls, and data formed a network of entities and agencies that was reconfigured for each piece, showing how networked music practice enables distinctive musicking techniques.

A panel of four researchers from different disciplines will introduce their part in the project, reflecting on the role of improvisational practice in Interwoven Sound Spaces.
The discussion is complemented by musical performances which include wearable designs and telematic technologies.

  • Robert Ek, Cosima Gerhardt, Berit Greinke, Stefan Östersjö, Mattias Petersson und Federico Visi

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