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In his new program, instructor Schmidt gets deliciously worked up about all the everyday obstacles - especially all the louses, Luschienen (pronounced like Smurfette) and amphibians. Comedy with a high gag density and lots of audience action and parodies. Yes, that's the trainer's mission: to give everyone a hard time, and that never hurt anyone. Yes! And it's always great fun when instructor Schmidt "steps out of character" and reveals himself to be a top-class joker.

Yes, poor instructor Schmidt, in the good old days of compulsory military service, almost every soldier was mentally superior to him: students, high school graduates and other draft dodgers. Today? The generation Kevin de Luxe can unfortunately do nothing. Instructor Schmidt even has to tie his recruits' boots in the morning after he has put out their uniforms and brought their lattes (made of soy milk) to their cots. In the past, when instructor Schmidt took his men on maneuvers, they were all back on time for morning roll call. Today? Half of the recruits lost, injured, given up, mom called to pick him/her up.

Great 100 minutes of comedy fun for everyone.

Ausbilder Schmidt with over 100,000 sold CD's, 8 successful live productions with over 2500 guest appearances in the German-speaking countries, numerous TV and radio appearances across all stations, with a book (Handbook for Luschen) and a feature film (Morgen Ihr Luschen) with 5 million viewers on RTL and 4 million clicks on Youtube, the man will already know what he's doing: snap at his fellow man in a lovable way ... Ausbilder Schmidt, more LIVE comedy does not go! He was awarded with the "Spitzen Feder der Karnevalisten" of the KG Mülheim a. R., the FFN Radio Award as well as the cultural award of the city of Idar-Oberstein.

Holger Müller, as he is known in real life, has been touring the stage for 20 years now. Since 2009, he has also had his own theater in East Frisia, the "very small house" in Pilsum. Here he regularly presents his own productions such as the "Lachbustour Ostfriesland", the "kleine Weihnachtsvarieté Pilsum" and the "Comedy Sommer" with many other colleagues. Holger Müller also gives seminars for comedians and speakers from the professional field and develops live formats for stages, tourism and digital events.

  • Language: German

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