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The summer jazz series is taking place for the 14th time this year. Music and words enter into a dialogue and, in the encounter with the special room of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, create a spiritual space that the audience can discover for themselves while listening.

InSpirit takes place every Sunday in July and August.

There will be ensembles from and with Berlin musicians such as Taiko Saito, Rudi Neuwirth, Gert Anklam, Andreas Feith and Ulrike Haage, but also guests from other cities in Germany such as the vocal ensemble Quintense from Leipzig and a long-standing exchange project between Berlin, Vienna and often New York City around the musicians Chanda Rule and Gernot Bernroider.

The music of the guest ensemble is always interrupted by a reflection by a guest theologian and always introduced by a chorale improvisation by Sebastian Heindl on the organ and me on the saxophone.

Each InSpirit evening closes with a joint improvisation of all musicians on the chorale "Give us peace".