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Malte Schlösser and his team try to evade the constraints of the successful society, the functioning and the omnipresent expectations. IN:KON:SIS:TEN:ZEN performs a balancing act between slapstick and consolation, between narrative emptiness and exaltation of being.

This evening of theater has no intention of succeeding and yet it is preparing to succeed, to create new connections and to celebrate the moment of coming together.

Success stories determine the way we talk and think: not a single sentence or interest, not a look, not a gesture or not a feeling that is not examined. How can these narratives be rewritten or their meaning removed? With the help of lost words, attempted jokes, cinematic hyperrealities and musical melancholy, three performers try to break out and counter the ideas of “successful biographies”. But should that actually succeed?

IN:KON:SIS:TEN:ZEN moves on the edges of banality and post-splatter and uses the aesthetics of rupture. But, and that is the dilemma, you have to be able to do that again. Through contradictions, sentences hanging in the air and contemplative exertion, this evening approaches being alive despite the pressure of success and expectation and explores the open. A game of failure that neither wants to win nor lose.

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