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With his new unrestrained stand-up comedy show Verschissmus, Ingmar Stadelmann, born in Saxony-Anhalt, consistently picks up where his last programme "Fressefreiheit" left off: He combines his explosive, often politically incorrect punch lines with moments of pause.

Ingmar Stadelmann
Ingmar Stadelmann © Robert Maschke

True to his motto "Laughter first, thoughts second!" you can't get out of laughing at first and then out of thinking. "Verschissmus" is my most consistent program, because I have the impression by now: On German stages it's all about something again!

Quasi laughter for democracy. I try to open one or the other intellectual window for my audience. In the best sense, we laugh together to broaden our horizons and have fun doing it! "Verschissmus is not only a play on words and a spelling mistake, which Stadelmann, as a little Ossi pupil from Salzwedel, helped to get his first big laugh, but in the meantime he is also part of society: "Whoever has shit, falls from grace. And this disgrace is something that is not only happening systematically in the East. There's a form of disgrace all over Germany!"

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