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Have you often had the feeling: This person is so interesting, I would like to have learned more from him/her? Ingmar Stadelmann makes exactly that possible. With his new LIVE talk he comes to the theater "Die Wühlmäuse" and has a very special guest with him: Ilka Bessin

Known as "Cindy from Marzahn", Pretty in Pink is not only one of the most sought-after comedians in Germany today, she is also a successful actress and author. She is also a role model for many: ever since Ilka took off her jogging suit and crown, she has been the best example of the fact that changes and the end of a chapter in life do not mean the end, but can also offer opportunities and something new. Ingmar Stadelmann has now seized one of these opportunities and invited the quick-witted woman to his show.

The two comedians also answer curious questions from the audience and may also encounter very personal problems - and if both artists and viewers make an effort that evening, there may be world peace after 90 minutes. Either way, the evening promises a lot of fun, information and lots of sounds in between. Put simply: good entertain.

(Program in German)

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