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Circo Aereo

Visionary circus company Circo Aereo and the Chamäleon team came together during the pandemic in 2020 to create in_between, a brand new coproduction. An exploration of the drift between waking life and dreaming, in_between brings the unique style of the Finnish circus company to the Chamäleon stage for the first time. The company is incredibly excited to celebrate this very special premiere in Berlin.

A collection of other worldly imagery, rich music and acrobatics that seem to go beyond what is humanly possible in_between transports into a compelling, dreamlike landscape. Different realities are layered over one another creating a gossamer fabric that disintegrates and reforms from moment to moment exploring isolation, fragility, and most of all the yearning for human connection.

The innovative circus company Circo Aereo has teamed up with the Chameleon to create the brand new co-production in_between. It was worth it!

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Participating artists
Maksim Komaro (Autor/in)
Alyssa Bunce
Anna Shvedkova
Eetu Ranta
Onni Toivonen
Saleh Yazdani
Sini Saari
Vejde Grind