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The Thikwa performers continually educate themselves and reach out to explore the full range of acting, dance and music. In 2021 we met the GORILLAS, one of the most successful improv groups in Germany.

A week of workshops together gave rise to the desire to continue improvising together and sometimes share the stage. Finally the time has come and we are presenting an evening of encounters with “Impro Pur”. Directly. Surprised. Lively. And always unique.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Max Freitag (Von und mit)
Rudina Bejtuli (Von und mit)
Nico Altmann (Von und mit)
Tobias Brunwinkel (Von und mit)
Barbara Klehr (Von und mit)
Ramona Krönke (Von und mit)
Thomas Chemnitz (Von und mit)
Leon Düvel (Von und mit)