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Once upon a time... a chancellor's prompter. But it can't go on. Because our country has gone mad: Attitude is more important than responsibility, emotions are more important than facts, moralizing is more important than competence.

Simone Solga
Simone Solga © PROMO

So the old Solga had to leave, long live the new Solga. And in her brand-new programme she says "You too": If the people won't fight back, we'll make our own revolution. "You too" is a two-hour long declaration of independence from the country of know-it-alls, preachers of doom and master hypocrites.

Dare to overthrow in your head, allow yourself the escape to inner freedom. Get upset, scold, have fun or give yourself a break at the bar. The new Solga: "When the water is up to our necks, it's high time to set off for new shores." Come with me!

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Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse