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The composer and pianist Ido Spak with his adopted home in Lüneburg was born in Israel in 1979 and has been on the road on the stages of this world since his early youth.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ido Spak Trio
© Ido Spak

He is a jazz pianist with a classical education, studied piano, conducting and composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory, later in England and lived for some time in London and Berlin.

So he got around a lot, the jazz traveler.
However, the worldwide pandemic also forced him to stay at home. However, the musician used the time to go on a virtual trip, where he composed the music for his latest album "Epidemic Adventures" which was supported by a grant from the GVL and Neustart Kultur.

Where the Traveler will go next remains a surprise. He is constantly on the road and collects new impressions of the most diverse places in the world. Only so much is revealed, the next album is inspired by the warm sun of the Orient, long-awaited rain and the endless expanses of the desert.

Let yourself be carried away into a magical world, full of exciting and challenging sounds and experience with him the journey of a lifetime to a time when everything is possible again.

  • Ido Spak: piano
  • Andi Rohde: drums
  • Jan-Gerrit Lütgering: double bass
Schwartzsche Villa