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The student Nivedita can't believe it: her professor Saraswati - her role model in questions of identity politics - is white!

Until this news, a new world had opened up for Nivedita, born in Germany to an Indian father, in the seminars of the supposed person of color. In the first lesson, the professor expelled white students from the room, wrote “Decolonize your soul” on the blackboard and discussed the origins of and how to deal with identity struggles. And now Saraswati's career is said to have been built on a big lie?

A complex and highly emotional debate breaks out: Nivedita posts on Twitter under the pseudonym “Identitti,” and her friends organize demonstrations against this incredible case of cultural appropriation. Meanwhile, Professor Saraswati is rethinking all the arguments so that soon no one knows what “person of color” actually means anymore.

Identitti Receptionista is a play about the reception of the widely read, much discussed and also adapted in many theaters novel Identitti by Mithu Sanyal, which asked in 2020: Who is who and who can speak for whom?

A question that we ask ourselves again and again in the theater: Who can credibly play a white professor who has posed as a person of color? The theater cultural industry is also sometimes a powder keg of identity politics, although it is designed to lead identity negotiations. The production invites you to become aware of your own contradictions and to further discuss the political questions surrounding the material.

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Participating artists
Mithu Sanyal (Autor/in)
Simone Dede Ayivi
Vernesa Berbo
Katrija Lehmann
Alexej Lochmann
Iman Tekle
Chen Emilie Yan