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Film Series #2030 Presents: Summer Cinema #2030

From June 29 to July 9, 2023, we will present interesting feature films and documentaries about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in our open-air summer cinema on Steinplatz. Before the film, there will be a short impulse from committed actors and experts on the topic. After the film there will be the opportunity to talk to each other. We show all films in the original with German subtitles.

A breathtaking documentary film that literally takes us inside the Greenland ice sheet with three of the most important glacier researchers. Narrated by CAMPINO. With their groundbreaking research, Jason Box, Alun Hubbard and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen are helping to discover just how fast the ice is really melting - and the implications for us humans. Startling new insights meet spectacular nature and expedition footage when, for example, the researchers descend almost 180 meters into a so-called glacier mill - a world record. INTO THE ICE is a voyage of discovery to the huge ice masses of Greenland, whose melting will change life on our planet.

Lars Ostenfeld | 2022 | DK DE | 86 min | FSK o.A. (DF)

Instagram: filmseries2030

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