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Paul Budraitis

In this messy business of living, how do the people we meet help to make us who we are? And when someone is no longer actively part of our lives, what are the ways in which they remain?

Scroll, eat, work, fuck, smoke, snort, hide. Technology, indulgence, dopamine. Knowing that we have a limit to our lives, why do we still seek the solace of escape? Why do we choose to hide?

Death is here. Right now. Even, as you read the words of this boring performance description, it’s here with you, with me. Everywhere and always. Taking life and transforming it into something new. Is it a cold, indifferent reaper, simply serving its function? Or can it be a friend, here to teach us how to live before it’s too late to do so?

Complexity and meaning in human relationships. I love that for you.

Escaping from the weight of living. I love that for you.

A good death. I love that for you.
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By and with: Paul Budraitis

Lights, sound, and live music: Evan Christian Anderson

Video: Lennart Laberenz

Scenic design: Simona Biekšaitė


Made possible by the generous support of: John Robinson, Josef Krebs, Ariel

Glassman, Nicole Stellner, Peter Eberhardy, Andrew Storms, Bebet Rivera Caguin