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Who owns the stage? This is what four Krump dancers ask themselves and take the audience into the spotlight. Krump is a dance style that has only recently appeared on stage. It emerged as an Afrodiasporic dance culture on the streets of L.A. and is based on a rebellion against social inequality and discrimination. For many dancers, Krump is still a refuge and family replacement to this day. The Krump community creates community, it's about showing up and supporting each other.

Choreographer Janne Gregor transfers Krump's self-empowering attitude to life into the theater space and breaks down the usual hierarchies between audience and performers. In close exchange with students, a lively choreography is created live. Dance becomes a means of communication, every performance becomes a unique experience that makes it clear why you simply can't stop dancing.
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Participating artists
Janne Gregor (Künstlerische Leitung, Choreografie)
Queen Buckhype
Iman Gele
Kofie DaVibe
Baby Wave
Moritz Thorbecke
Lena Klink (Assistenz)
Thomas Schaupp (Dramaturgische Begleitung)
Johanna Schraut (Bühne, Kostüm)
Luigi Kovacs
Amelie Mallmann (Tanzvermittlung)
Lucia Matzke (Tanzvermittlung)
Sina Kießling
Thomas Dörschel