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The DigitalSymposium on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Museum Neukölln

We do not have a single problem, but we are witnesses of multiple crises that are successively piling up:

Museum Neukölln von außen
Museum Neukölln von außen © visitBerlin, Foto Hannes Wiedemann

- we are confronted with dwindling resources
- we are experiencing rising average annual temperatures
- extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent
- the pandemic has shown us the vulnerability of global supply chains
- upcoming societal transformations force profound political decisions
- in all this, the existing global injustices are becoming more and more perceptible
- last but not least, we are confronted with armed conflicts.

Museums, too, must adapt to these diverse challenges - and ideally react in such a way that they emerge from the stacking crisis conceptually strengthened and consolidated through the bundling of their creative potentials; as meaningful and meaningful institutions relevant to society as a whole.

Hybridity and sustainability are two buzzwords that are currently very much in vogue - in the media debates. Both topics are also of growing importance for the museum sector. On closer examination, the topics also show overlaps that can be harnessed synergistically.

However, we need - according to an appeal to the museums themselves - more creativity, professionalism and ultimately authenticity when navigating HYBRID TIMES and HYBRID WORLDS. Only then will it be possible to develop sustainable benefits - for the museums as an institution and for society as a holistically considered target group.

What do we actually mean by HYBRID TIMES?

The successive sinking of the digital into the (analog) museum's everyday life. An authentic digital scenography has yet to be developed in order to be able to exploit the entire potential of the digital and to create cultural added value - for the museum itself, but of course also for our visitors and users.

Intention of the conference

The conference is not about the latest technical or media achievements, but rather about truly holistic, agile and sustainable concepts. Concepts with the help of which museums - of any size and with any equipment - can take a significant step towards a holistically understood hybridity.

With the symposium we want to give a digital stage to the exchange of experiences. Undoubtedly, it is not possible to develop a master plan that can be applied to all institutions, but it is precisely in the dialogical juxtaposition of entire concepts or individual case studies that - according to our intention - the spark of mutual inspiration can be struck.

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This is a digital conference via ZOOM and YOUTUBE.

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  • On Saturday, October 1, 2022
  • Time slot 14-18 h
  • on ZOOM and YOUTUBE
  • Digital release
The event will be digitally recorded. By participating, you agree to subsequent publication of the edited recordings. However, this does not create an obligation to publish individual statements.

(Program in German)
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Booking: Participation is free of charge

Email registration is required

In the run-up to the conference you will then receive the link by mail.
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