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A Pan-Scandinavian Ladies Folk Trio

HULDRELOKKK- the lure of the troll woman - the international female trio presents the range of Scandinavian folk music from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In three Scandinavian languages, with beguiling three-part vocals, two racy virtuoso fiddles and a groovy guitar. This time the Berlin premiere of the new line-up with brand new CD!

Huldrelokkk © Yasir Khalaila | Ev. Kirchengemeinde Petrus-Giesensdorf Lichterfelde

"Forbidden good, these three musicians dressed like fantastic magical creatures.... Scandinavian vacation as magnificent music, and that is simply in the soul of the three." (Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung)

  • Kerstin Blodig (N/D): vocals, guitar, bodhrán
  • Ditte Andersson (SE): vocals, nykkelharpa
  • Elin Jonsson (SE): vocals, violin
Admission: 16 €
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