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Europe’s business tech festival brings together global CEOs, entrepreneurs, political leaders and industry experts.

As the world out there evolves so does the tech industry. Staying informed and gathering new skills has never been more essential for professional growth.

Bring back to the office insights you will have gathered through informative keynotes, hands-on workshops and deep-dive talks.

At you get to meet advocates for disruptive technologies, founders of some of the world’s most prestigious companies as well as policy makers who pave the way for a digital future. Snack on their latest industry tips. Get inspired by their personal stories and upskill with their valuable input.

Here you can interact with premium brands that shape tomorrow’s reality. Experience tech innovations hands-on and meet the brilliant minds behind them.

From startups to global corporations, let the show begin.

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Almost all halls are accessible at ground level. Three freight elevators lead to Hall 5. There are barrier-free toilets in Halls 6 and 7.