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Open Overview Tour of the Permanent Exhibition

You will get to know the most interesting exhibits from 50 years of Allied presence in Berlin. The first part of the exhibition in the former cinema Outpost Theater is dedicated to the period from 1945 to 1950. Numerous documents, photos and objects tell the eventful story from the Allied victory over Nazi Germany to the early occupation period in Berlin.

With the Soviet blockade of Berlin and the airlift by the Western powers in 1948/49, the Cold War in Germany reached its first climax. A tour of the British Hastings TG 503 transport plane on the open-air grounds of the Allied Museum illustrates the unique history of the Airlift.

The second part of the permanent exhibition in the Nicholson Memorial Library documents not only everyday life in the military communities of the Americans, British and French until 1994, but also the explosive work of their intelligence services in Cold War Berlin. A highlight of the tour is the American-British spy tunnel from 1955/56.

The tour is free of charge. Binding registration at or (030)81 81 99 96 is requested.
Additional information
Meeting point: Cafeteria, Nicholson Memorial Library

Booking: The tour is free of charge. A binding registration at or (030)81 81 99 96 is requested.