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Christiane Mudra / investigative theater

“The passport is the most noble part of a human being. It does not come about in such a simple way as a human being.”

Bertolt Brecht

In »Hotel Utopia« Christiane Mudra and ensemble invite the audience to change perspectives. Equipped with passports from different countries and data based on real biographies, the audience embarks on a Kafkaesque transit room in search of recognition in a new country and encounters the challenges of the German welcome culture.

Reports on the experiences of refugees and migrants are interwoven into the evening, as are background discussions with case workers and experts. On their journey through waiting areas and offices, the participants encounter stories of flight and migration and experience individual (in)freedom depending on nationality, global political situation or ranking in the “passport index”.


stands for long-term journalistic research, which is based on primary sources and uncovers unknown facts.


portrays research utilizing a variety of formats. Investigative theater experiments with digital tools while seeking interaction with the audience.

After »Selfie & Ich«, an evening about mental illness, meritocracy and the terror of happiness in private apartments in Neukölln, »Hotel Utopia« is the second part of a trilogy that deals with the de facto evaluation of people in the “community of values”.

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Additional information
Concept, research, text and direction Christiane Mudra

With Meriam Abbas, Sebastian Gerasch, Gabriele Graf, Melda Hazırcı, Ariella Hirshfeld, Richard Manualpillai und Waki Meier.

System-Architekture und game design Markus Schubert

Room and props Julia Kopa

Costumes and props Sarah Silbermann

Light design, technical direction Peer Quednau

Graphics flyer/poster Yavuz Narin

Graphics program Jara López Ballonga

Direction assistence Andre Alkapon

Production ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro