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A grotesque tragedy. Based on Friedrich Hebbel's novella "Barbier Zitterlein" freely adapted into drama. This time freely accessible online for all! Now, almost a year after the premiere, the film of the play "Hell of Madness" is ready. This is a compilation from the best performances. Saddened by the death of his wife, Barber Zitterlein tries to bind his daughter Agathe to himself and shield her from the outside world. Caught up in the delusion that he must protect his daughter, he makes her life hell.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: HÖLLE DES WAHNSINNS
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But due to a court order Zitterlein is forced to hire a journeyman and the young man Leonhardt enters the life of father and daughter. But the disturbance of the domestic togetherness unleashes more and more the madness of the barber. Can he still come to his senses or must Agathe free herself from oppression? With sharpened knives and sharpened blades, this grotesque tragedy looks into the blackness of a torn soul and, through expressive stage metaphor, shows a young woman in the light of colorlessness, who must assert herself against the shadows of her father's madness.

  • Director, text and songs: Robert Walter
  • music, sound and light: Fabian Krenzel

Performers: Anna Stock, Andreas Markus, Robert Dudek, Sophia Jelena Bobic, Georg Zahn Become (supporting) members!

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