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Blues Night

Abi Wallenstein, "father of the Hamburg blues scene" has achieved cult-like fame over the years and is one of the outstanding blues greats in Europe.

Abi Wallenstein's guitar playing is unique. He simultaneously combines bass, rhythm and riff elements on his eight-string guitar. Added to this is his distinctive voice and sovereign stage presence. Abi has repeatedly won first place at the German Blues Awards and was awarded the renowned "Blues Louis" at the Lahnstein Blues Festival in 2015

Holger "HoBo" Daub is a harmonica player, singer and entertainer.
His harmonica playing is dynamic, unconventional and passionate. As a versatile artist who develops new styles of music with openness and enthusiasm for improvisation, he casts a spell over the audience. He is a freelancer for the German Harmonica Museum and is responsible for the traveling exhibition "On everyone's lips".

Admission: 18 euros