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Hold Your Horses is a dance concert about the need to hold on to anyone or anything in an increasingly intangible world.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Hold Your Horses
© Bart Grietens

De Dansers tell their story with a couple of guitars, 12 hands and the bodies that go with them. The hands grab, fail, touch, take off, fall down and pluck guitar strings.

We see passion and distance. We see people close to each other and infinitely far from each other. We will not see horses. But we will feel them!

With dedication and music, six performers take the stage, spectacular acrobatic movements meet human empathy. The live music by Guy Corneille makes the dancers become one body and drives them into a continuous flow of seductive guitar sounds and concise songs.
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Timme Afschrift (Ausstattung & Licht)
Florian Bilbao (Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit)
Florian Bilbao (Tanz- und Theaterpädagogig)
Guy Corneille (Live Musik)
Anna Vera Kelle (Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit)
Joanna Mandalin (Tanz- und Theaterpädagogik)
Moniek Merkx (Dramaturgie)
Josephine van Rheenen (Choreografie)
Yeli Beurskens
Yoko Havemann
Noemi Wagner
Marie Khatib-Shahidi
Liam McCall
Youri Peters
Arturo Vargas
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl
Theater Strahl