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A fast-paced revue with Angelika Mann, Charlotte Heinke, Heike Jonca & Nini Stadlmann

Between tears of joy and panic attacks, housewife (Angelika Mann), noble (Heike Jonca), career woman (Charlotte Heinke) and boy (Nini Stadlmann) are once again faced with the big questions of human interaction: Does the perfect partner exist? How does a good marriage work? And: Why doesn't the bastard finally propose to me?

After "Heisse Zeiten" it will be "high time" for the team of authors Tilmann von Blomberg (book), Carsten Gerlitz (lyrics, arrangements) and Katja Wolff (creative development, direction), who already celebrated great success with the previous production, the Tightening the musical comedy screw a little more and confronting the gorgeous ladies' quartet with the (allegedly) most beautiful day of a woman's life - catastrophes included.

The spectators can expect a roaringly funny evening about four ladies in a wedding frenzy according to a tried and tested recipe. It goes without saying that not everything goes smoothly! In addition to an erotic encounter in the hotel elevator, a missing groom, a missed divorce date and lots of champagne cause a lot of excitement and comedy.

Experience for yourself how the four ladies hit the right note on stage to legendary songs from the 70s to 90s with new German lyrics for every pre- and post-marital problem: sometimes blunt, sometimes angry, sometimes snappy - but always refreshing and hilarious!

A production of the EURO-STUDIO Landgraf and the Theater im Rathaus Essen

Guest performance premiere at the Schlosspark Theater: January 2, 2024

(Program in German)

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