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The machine tool exhibition in the foyer of the German Museum of Technology in Berlin is now being supplemented by an area dedicated to robots and production. At the center of the exhibition space is the Cobot Sawyer, a state-of-the-art robot arm that can be used for collaborative work.

The new area can additionally be used as a universal educational venue for workshops. Visitors can learn about the development of robotic systems in an area of around 40 square meters. Historical robot arms from the museum collection, insights into the work of state-of-the-art robots in motorcycle production in video format and an open seating area with a book corner provide an interactive introduction to the topic of robotics. Visitors are encouraged to touch almost all of the objects on display.

Visitors are encouraged to take a critical look at the increasing automation of production and the increased use of robotics - and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages for the working world.

The new exhibition area was curated and implemented by the team in collaboration with Dr. Nora Thorade, Head of the German Museum of Technology's Collection Area Crafts and Production.

What can robots do? How will we work with robots in the future? Will robots replace us? What opportunities do robots offer people with physical or mental disabilities? These questions are raised in the workshops for daycare and elementary school groups that can be booked at, the advanced training courses for specialists and teachers, and the open offerings for families with children.

Explore and try out for yourself: Demonstrations and workshops also offer visitors the opportunity to program various robots themselves and learn more about how they work.
When the room is not being used for workshops or other offerings, it is open to the museum public for free and independent exploration.