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PANDAjazz Kulturbrauerei

At times, it's a convoluted, dense "Musique Concrète," then imaginative allusions to the Renaissance or early Baroque music flash through. But circling around themselves with such rich resources is not the aim of HILDE, a band founded in 2018.

More and more, song structures emerge from these sound scenarios: In this process, the music moves from a freely proliferating individuality directly into a common center. Venturing from the abstract into the lyrical, from songs and composed elements back into free improvisation, that's what matters to the four musicians.HILDE released their debut CD "Open" (Umland Records) in 2020.

In March 2024, their first studio album "Tide" was also released on vinyl.

  • Julia Brüssel – violin
  • Marie Daniels – voice
  • Maria Trautmann – trombone
  • Emily Wittbrodt – cello
TICKETS: 10€ (online/doors)

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