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ORSOphilharmonic Orchestra, ORSOphilharmonic Choir, Wolfgang Roese, Gerritt Hericks

For some time now, the accompanying melodies of video games have no longer been limited to simple sounds from Gameboys ringing. The computer game industry has undergone amazing development in the past few decades. It's not just the graphics and gameplay that have developed at a rapid pace.

The demands on the quality of sound, synchronization and music in video games have increased significantly in recent years and can now easily compete with the Hollywood film industry. Respected composers and orchestras are commissioned to compose and record original and comprehensive pieces of music.
The music becomes an independent work of art that also finds recognition outside the world of video games. It is a central part of the gaming experience and contributes significantly to immersion. It's not just present in the background, but a powerful element that immerses players in the world of the game and helps them build a deeper connection with the characters and plot.

Musically, video game soundtracks can easily compete with the masterpieces of film music.

Gerrold Hericks moderates the program "HighScore" - Gamingsounds in Concert" with the choir and orchestra of the ORSOphilharmonic, under the direction of Wolfgang Roese.

  • Orchestra of the ORSOphilharmonic
  • Choir of the ORSOphilharmonic
  • Wolfgang Roese, conductor
  • Gerritt Hericks, singing and moderation

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Orchester des ORSOphilharmonic
Chor des ORSOphilharmonic
Wolfgang Roese
Gerritt Hericks