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Tour 2022

The High Kings are Finbarr Clancy, Darren Holden, Paul O' Brien and Brian Dunphy. After 11 years at the top of their game, they still sell out halls around the world with an ever-growing army of loyal fans. This fall, they are finally coming back to Germany live after four years, with nine concerts on the tour schedule!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: The High Kings
© Ray Keogh

The High Kings have topped charts worldwide and performed for hundreds of thousands of fans, as well as on many prestigious occasions, including for the Prime Minister of England (2011), Barak Obama (2012) and George W. Bush (2009), at the White House and the Pentagon (2015).

They have made numerous television appearances in the U.S., including Good Morning America, Good Morning LA, The View and The Today Show. The band's notable live performances include Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight (3 times), and an appearance in Time Square and headlining the St. Patrick's Day concert in Trafalgar Square, London (2015).

The High Kings continue to set the bar extremely high for Irish folk bands worldwide and are considered the pioneers of their genre. Highlights include: 7 studio albums, two of which reached #2 on the worldwide Billboard charts. The debut album stayed on the Billboard charts for a total of 36 weeks, reaching #3 in Ireland and #7 in Germany.

Since then, The High Kings have been considered a sure guarantee of extremely rousing live concerts and fantastic performers of both classic folk songs and new compositions. Together they play over 13 instruments and their polyphonic harmony singing transforms every concert within minutes into a surging, unforgettable Irish folk evening!

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