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Neither Hamlet today. A fascinating piece of theater about the lows and highs of life. The actor Ingo Sassmann talks about his rise and fall, the lack of respect from his colleagues and how he fell in love with him Rebecca saved. His greatest success - the title role in Shakespeare "Hamlet".

Sassmann is interested in the uncompromising look at the mechanisms of power, the ambivalence between appearance and reality, and the dramatic consequences of a lack of recognition on the psyche. But his fall is fatal. Thrown onto the side stage of life, Sassmann now has to eke out his existence as a curtain puller in the theater. People are no longer interested in him. Written off. Forget! Offside!

What is fate? How does reality interfere with life plans and dreams? Is it just a coincidence?
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Participating artists
Schauspiel: Matthias Horn
Regie: Jens Schmidl