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KW Institute for Contemporary Art's solo exhibition Hervé Guibert - This & More features selected photographs by French artist, writer, and activist Hervé Guibert (*1955, FR - †1991, FR).

Hervé Guibert: This & More

Hervé Guibert is especially known for his portraits, but he also photographed interiors, objects and empty spaces. An important but almost unknown part of his work. In a laconic and subtle way, his photographs allow for a kind of portraiture where what matters is what is not seen. The photographed interiors invite different readings of stories of those who live or once lived in them. The photographs reveal intimate insights and at the same time preserve the private, because the protagonists remain outside the photographed.

The exhibition deals with those "truths" that lie dormant in a photograph, invisible to the eye and yet quite essential to the image. Rather than conveying a sense of objectivity or "truth," the exhibition points to all that remains invisible in photographs: Memories, anecdotes, absences, and the complexities of the subjective. Guibert's images of objects and private spaces are imbued with the absence of those who once inhabited and left them behind.

  • Curator: Anthony Huberman
  • Assistant curator: Sofie Krogh Christensen
The exhibition Hervé Guibert - This & More is organized by CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco. Special thanks to Christine Guibert and Françoise Morin of Les Douches Gallery and Photi Giovanis of Callicoon Fine Arts.
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Wed - Mon 11am - 7pm
Thu 11-21 h
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