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Early and Current Heroines of Electronic Music

The feminist, diverse, and inter-genre festival “Heroines of Sound” celebrates its 10th anniversary with a presentation of early and new works and performances by over 40 international heroines of electronic sound over four days at Radialsystem. This year's large-scale programme is dedicated in particular to the spectra of microtonality.

The opening evening of this anniversary edition presents a musical spectrum ranging from contemporary chamber music to electronic club music and noise, to the musical gestures of a jazz ensemble. The Vienna Black Page Orchestra stages a concert installation by Austrian sound pioneer and this year's guest curator Elisabeth Schimana, whilst Stefanie Egedy's installation “(B.A.S)” offers the experience of a corporeally and physically extreme sonic world through low-frequency sound waves.

Other festival highlights include French composer Pascale Criton, who is still little known in Germany, representatives of the electronic scene like Beatriz Ferreyra and Electric Indigo, as well as a concert by the Ensemble KNM Berlin, including a sonic-ecological concert installation by the Norwegian artist Tine Surel Lange.

The electric guitar plays a special role this year: Catherine Lorent's multi-award-winning installation “Relegation” (Biennale di Venezia 2013, Luxembourg Pavilion) transforms the sound of seven electric guitars into a sound sculpture event. For the festival finale, live performances and commissioned works for electric guitars open the horizon to contemporary art music through the performance of commissioned works by Maya Shenfeld and the renowned Irish composer Ann Cleare as well as performances by Chra and Ale Hop.

  • Artistic Direction Bettina Wackernagel
  • Co-CuratorsMo Loschelder, Sabine Sanio, Elisabeth Schimana

An event by Heroines of Sound, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Mariann Steegmann Foundation and Goethe-Institute. In cooperation with KLANG-Festival (DK).

Media partners: Digital in Berlin, Groove, taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, ExBerliner, VAN Webmagazin.

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Heroines of Sound 2023 is supported by the Hauptstadt Kulturfonds, the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and the Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin.

In cooperation with Radialsystem, Errant Sound, Berliner Künstler*programm DAAD, Goethe Institut, Sonoscopia (Porto), Frequenz Festival (Kiel), Musica Electronica Nova (Wroclaw), Spor Festival (Aarhus), female:pressure, Institut für Medienarchäologie (AT).

Media partners: Exberliner, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, Rausgegangen, taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin.

Thu 06 07 from 6 pm – Day 1With Black Page Orchestra, Billy Roisz and ContagiousCompositions by Maja Bosnić, Eva Reiter, Billy Roisz, Rojin Sharafi and Elisabeth Schimana

The concerts start at 8 pm.From 6pm: Panels, Films, Sound Bar, Sound Installations



Fri 07 07 3 pm – Workshop Wax & Wane


Fri 07 07 from 6 pm – Day 2With Beatriz Ferreyra, Martyna Poznańska, Stefanie Edgdy, Stepha Schweiger und Ensemble KNM BerlinCompositions by Beatriz Ferreyra, Martyna Poznańska, Stepha Schweiger, Tine Surel Lange, Monika Szpyrka, Kirsten Reese and Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir

The concerts start at 8 pm.From 6pm: Panels, Films, Sound Bar, Sound Installations 


Sat 08 07 3 pm – Workshop mit Stefanie Egedy


Sat 08 07 from 6 pm  – Day 3With Electric Indigo, Ensemble KNM Berlin, Jasmine Guffond, Mieko Suzuki, Anna Clementi, Alessandra Eramo, Lorena Izquierdo and Ute WassermannCompositions by Merche Blasco, Pascale Criton, Marina Khorkova, Electric Indigo, Jasmine Guffond and Stefanie Egedy

The concerts start at 8 pm.From 6pm: Panels, Films, Sound Bar, Sound Installations 


Sun 09 07 from 4 pm  – Day 4With Chra, Ale Hop, Maya Shenfeld and Perreira – SantorsaCompositions by Ann Cleare, Katherine Young, Yoko Konishi, Ale Hop, Chra and Maya Shenfeld

The concerts start at 6 pm.From 4pm: Panels, Films, Sound Bar, Sound Installations