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The foundation celebrates its establishment. Invitation to the opening event of the new Heinrich von der Haar Literature Foundation.

GRAFIK LESUNG © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim


Reading and conversation "... escaped"

Musical accompaniment Harald Mahl, saxophone & Erich Abshagen, double bass
Moderation Heinrich von der Haar


Bettina Hampl: Goldkrone. It is about the neglect of a small child by the single alcoholic mother.

Monika Heintze: Spiegelsberge. Due to a lack of attention, a girl remains trapped in dreams and fairy tale worlds. Her loss of reality gives a pedophile the opportunity to build trust.

Herbert Beesten: Listening & Feeling. In the form of poetry slam, his texts revolve around father-search, father-love, father-hate, and ask about the effects of parents' war experiences on their children.

Jens Grandt: Pain and Loss. His theme is the shaping of character through the experience of pain and loss, a provincial life full of childhood abuse, and rebelling against the father.

Heinrich von der Haar: Ice Saints. A boy seeks a home in Christian working-class youth. His blind trust and need for help are sexually exploited by a church member.

followed by a champagne reception
Admission free Donation requested

Registration required: 0176 444 39953 /

This literary salon focuses on discrimination, oppression and violence against children. Narratives also literarily take traumatized people out of their private lives and help them find a place in society.

The project was funded as part of "Neustart Kultur" by the Federal Government Commissioner for Art and Culture and Media through the German Literature Fund.

(Program in German)
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