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A polyphonic play about being torn apart, about city life and experiencing nature. In "Das Heidi", director Katharina Kummer takes motifs from the world-famous children's book, mixes them up and links them with contemporary perspectives.

Heidi is torn from her environment twice. First, she is shipped off to her eccentric grandfather in the mountains. No sooner has she put down roots there than she is brought to the city against her will. Here, as there, Heidi experiences very different ways of life, she meets a girl in a wheelchair, the strict governess, the blind grandmother of Geißenpeter and falls in love with the world of the mountains.

The stage adaptation of the novel picks up on the contrast between civilisation and nature, explores the sound of the metropolis and the longing to escape into the countryside.

For sighted, blind and visually impaired audiences from the age of 10

  • Concept, text and direction: Katharina Kummer
  • Performers: Volkan T., Uta Lindner, Carina Wohlgemuth, Silja Korn
  • Music: Volkan T, Carina Wohlgemuth
  • Stage and costumes: Alma Bektas

Premiere: Friday, 13.10.2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Dates: Saturday, 14.10.2023 at 4:00 pm
            Sunday, 15.10.2023 at 4:00 pm
            Tuesday, 17.10.2023 at 10:00 a.m.
            Wednesday, 18.10.2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Location: Theatre o.N.
                  Kollwitzstraße 53, 10405 Berlin

Tickets: 4,00 € - 11,00 €

(Program in German)

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