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With a firework display of barbs and malice, they aim their verbal and musical arrows into each other's heads and hearts. They constantly interrupt each other, don't let each other finish, and one always thinks she can do it better than the other.

Maurischat has that bad-tempered toxicity on stage that just makes the audience happy. And with Heger's Nordic cheerful nature, you're just happy when she just takes a breath. Big city meets province, chanson meets shanty, big mouth meets cerebellum and pilsner meets prosecco. In short: you know each other – and damn well! To everyone's delight.

How sociable is such a GbR really? And are Heger and Maurischat only responsible for each other on stage? Is there actually another one here? And if so, where and with whom?

And even if they didn't treat each other to a crab on the appetizer that evening, they did receive songs as gifts - a homage to the superheroes of cabaret: Queen Bee, Malediva, Missfits, Duotica, Weber/Beckmann. And Heger & Maurischat are always wild in between.

ANNIE HEGER, who comes from East Frisia, is a proven artistic all-rounder and has been delighting her audiences for years. She is an NDR columnist, a cabaret artist, 100% human... activist, singer, literary prize winner, the loudest "Liza" in the north and bird of paradise among the Nordic seagulls. Annie moderates festivals, CSDs, panel discussions all over the country, sings and fights loudly, dances wildly, knows partying and politics. She knows how to celebrate and challenge.

The multi-award-winning Berliner VANESSA MAURISCHAT is a cabaret artist, jazz and pop-trained musician and studied cultural studies. She started her career in the 1990s as a bassist and pianist in various bands before deciding to devote herself to her solo activities.

The two artists, who appeared together on stage in the comedy revue SEKT AND THE CITY from 2013 to 2016, are making their captivating duo debut with ONE GOES NOR.

  • Language: German

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