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HAUT - HÜLLE, ORGAN, ARCHIV brings together works by 28 international female artists* living in Berlin. Skin is a super material: malleable and stretchable, breathable and self-regenerating, protective cover of bodies, but at the same time also a target: vulnerable and sensitive. Above all, however, skin is charged with meanings. It is socially and culturally coded, determines identities, is the object of politics, religion and, last but not least, also an economic factor.

Sophie Utikal: See me through, 2022
Sophie Utikal: See me through, 2022 © Cheongjin Keem

In video, audio, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, installation and performances, the artists* deal with the theme of skin and at the same time confront it with the exhibition venue - the Spandau Citadel - which is patriarchal due to its history. With the thematic complexity of skin, which makes visible the interweaving of sexism, racism, classism, ageism, and ableistism, as well as testifying to individual and collective archiving practices, and at the same time becomes the starting point for artistic analysis as a sensual, resistant, and at the same time vulnerable organ, the exhibition counters the male-dominated location with feminist counter-narratives.

The works are grouped around three focal points, which are bundled under the terms HELL, ORGAN, and ARCHIVE. However, these are not to be understood as fixed attributions, but rather as associative thematic fields that lightly structure the exhibition and are permeable and interwoven.
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Opening hours: Fri - Wed 10 am - 5 pm, Thu 1 pm - 8 pm